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Thread: [SOLVED] Creating groups under expert rules --> Updated to ZA

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    I am glad to hear the issue seems largely resolved and thank you very much for taking the time to report back about the solution.

    ZA support does not help user on creating/managing expert rule (per policy) but they should be able to collect issues to escalate to development. I guess for this case many users reported the issue and therefore the problem was positively moved up to development team for review.

    This is why its important, if you encounter an issue that you can consistently replicate, to report it directly to ZA technical support.

    I will revise the title of the thread to hint to the solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neil2440 View Post
    the only issue now remaining is of the counter which does not increase at the main page it still says "0 access attempts blocked"
    You could try this.Under Alerts and Logs.Set Main / Alert Events Shown set it to High.Then Alerts Events click Check All then OK and reboot.

    Under COMPUTER Advanced Firewall would show access attempts blocked.Also Log Viewer would show attempts blocked.

    Have a nice Day

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