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Thread: IE * Freezes w ZISS 2012

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    ronzeman Guest

    Default IE * Freezes w ZISS 2012

    Today I upgraded updated to zass2012..That's pretty much it. With the ZA (2012) running (w/toolbar enabled) the browser IE8 freezes . Firefox runs great.
    IE8 will run w/ ZISS 2012 but the ZA toolbar MUST be disabled. I tried several obovius things NO HELP I shou8ld have kept the older version of ZA It was running like a top for years. Update = Upset. Help !
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    ronzeman Guest

    Default Re: IE * Freezes w ZISS 2012

    Answering my own post. I found that simply disabling the ZA ToolBar in IE (8) and Firefox (5) was the best way to proceed. With those toolbars gone now I can run either browser without hangs freezes ot other squirrly behavior. I wish I knew more in depth how these this "tools" operate ( or don't). Anywho.........thats the working solution for me (for now).
    PS: I hate that they removed the red and green bar graphs from ZA icon . It was nice to see the traffic.....also the instant "Stop All Internet Activity" button was a nice "panic" button to have available in the older ZA9. versions.

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    Default Re: IE * Freezes w ZISS 2012

    ZA does not support FF5, for the other problem you should contact the ZA official support (link in my signature). We are all users here, ZA staff does not monitor this board.


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    Smile Re: IE * Freezes w ZISS 2012

    Thank you for your Feedback..

    Internet lock (STOP) is not advised at all. It will cause your PC to loose internet connection and cash other components of the OS.
    This is an old relic feature from the ZA ver. 2.0 days and really only worked well on Win 95.

    The Stop Button has been Removed from ZA 10.

    Use at your own risk in older ZA versions, it is also no longer supported if you have issues with it there is no Tech Support for that feature.
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