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Thread: I do not like the new ZA 2012?

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    savage Guest

    Angry I do not like the new ZA 2012?

    Sorry but I am confused.... very confused.

    I use ZA since 2002, and I have ever considered it the BEST firewall.

    A couple years ago, while waiting for a Vista x64 version, I had to choose a temporary solution, and I tried ALL security tools, but none of them was even close to the power and ability to fine tune applications in a clean and easy way, granting or denying access to local and internet, as well as to allow/deny email send.

    Now I see ZA is getting one step back:
    - confusing and slow user interface
    - removal of fine tuning, such as the ability to grant or deny access one time only
    - removal of the feature allowing me to block applications from sending emails
    - removal of the program list ordering - I can't order by allow/deny any more

    ... and more

    All these lack of features, or better removal of existing features, makes ZA not much different from the plethora of products whose philosophy is: the end user is a semi ***** and as such I know what's better for him to do without asking or without providing a feature that he could not understand.

    So, 2 days after trying the new 2012 release I've removed and reinstalled the previous one.

    I presume that soon the 9.x version won't be supported any more....
    Is there any chance we have our zone alarm back to what we old and power user are used to like?

    Or, is it possible for you to create 2 versions, one with the new interface and less fine tuning, and one which is just an upgrade of the old version, hopefully adding new features, but still keeping its features that has contributed to make it the BEST firewall and internet security ever made?
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