Yesterday, with the kind help of this community, I downloaded the upgrade of ZAISS (version 10.0246.000). When it came to configuration, I was astounded to discover that my e-mailer Thunderbird might not be supported because, for the first time in 2 years of paying licence, it is clearly stated that e-mail anti-virus is supported for Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook !!

Is that true ? It is incredible that I have not been informed 2 years ago when I first subscribed. Please note that I am a paying client and, moreover, a professional user.
So, it means that I even might send viruses to my customers while I was convinced that this could never happen because I was (and still am) paying for a protection.

I am sorry to be obliged to send this message to this place (which I was told yesterday is only made up of users), but I can't find an e-mail contact for the support of the customer service of ZoneAlarm.
What can I do ?

Thank you for your help and understanding. Sorry for my bad English.
Have a nice day
Best regards