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Thread: "vsmon" using 40-50% of the CPU all the time

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    EdgarS Guest

    Arrow "vsmon" using 40-50% of the CPU all the time

    I was reasonably happy with the previous version of ZA AV/AS (93_037_000 plus auto updates), after getting fed up with Mcafee. But after I installed the new version (100_246_000) the first thing I noticed was my CPU fan revving up and staying that way. Checking with Windows (XP) task manager, I found "vsmon" using 40-50% of the CPU all the time. This is a dual core CPU, so essentially 100% of one core. As far as I could tell ZA had no reason to be using any CPU cycles at all. I wasn't accessing files to trigger on-acess checking, or doing a scan, or anything. I tried to lower the execution priority of vsmon, but it would not let me.

    For now, I'm running with 93-037, and hoping it will continue to update the virus signatures for a while. If this doesn't get fixed, I'm moving to another security suite.

    Any comments welcome!
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