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Thread: Disable ZA Download scan/manager v10

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    tmoca Guest

    Exclamation Disable ZA Download scan/manager v10

    This is really annoying. I can't find out how to disable this feature. It superseeds my IE integrated download manager.

    I don't need ZA to manage/scan my downloads automatically, how can I disable this and get my IE DL manager back. I have unchecked "Scan file downloaded for spyware", but it still wants to scan them.

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    tmoca Guest

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    Smile Re: Disable ZA Download scan/manager v10

    This Forum exist to allow Volunteer experienced Zone Alarm Users to help the Few Users who encounter a problem with ZoneAlarm and need to be guided in the right direction.. Customer Support and the official Tech support do not monitor this User Forum..

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    The feature your referring to is called ADP (Advanced Download Protection)

    You can easily just turn it off in ZA.

    Open ZA
    Click on INTERNET
    Turn off Web Security.

    Reboot PC.

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