Recently i replaced my Laptop which runs on windows7, so my first task was to remove the Norton security and install my ZES ver 9 no soon that it was installed I found that IE would not load kept loading new browser wiondows so i uninstalled ZES and the problem dissapeared anyway reinstalled the suit and fault returned so I contacted Zone alarm Support
who advised me that a new version had just been released so I promptly followed the instructions the first attempt installed but on close examination i found that some of the security suit wasn't becoming active
after several attempts to geyt it right I contacted support again and they suggested i reverted back to the previouse version....
Anyway I couldn't see the point in going back so decided to run an alternative scanner..... I chose to run F secure loaded fine and ran....
although it found 2 infections on a brand new machine I decided to keep it for the duration of the trial period... that day came yesterday... whilst f secure ran quite smoothly it wasn't Zone Alarm so i decided to remove f secure and try again with my Zone Alarm, using a link i found from on this forum downloaded and installed ZES version 10 restarted the machine updated and set up all the setting everything appears fine... however I have noticed that the browsers appear to lag between link connections
and I dont know whether I am in virtual mode.
the final point of notice when i look in the process lists in task manager
i can see zatray using 4292k forcefield using 3024k mantispam is also there 784k of memory use.

1 How do i know when the virtual browse is actually active and working?
2 Is the lag between links a result of any automated scanning between browser windows/site gui's
3 Are there any other componants that should be active over and above those that i have mentioned?
4 Is there a method where by i can test the efficiancy of all the componants of the new ZES ver 10 suite?

can anyone advise plz