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    Default v10x issues

    i am "pasting" what i have submitted to tech support regarding issues i have detected with "zonealarm internet security suite": v10x.
    the purpose of this post is to share these observations, and hopefully, illuminate to others where they may be having issues.
    as well, i am soliciting any others with similar issues to submit to tech support so they be escalated sufficiently for resolution.
    please do not use this information in any manner other than constructive, that being said, here ye be:

    There are significant issues with ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (zaiss) v10x, I am currently on zaiss v10.0.243.000.
    The purpose of this communication is to attempt to bring these defects to the attention of the developers in the hopes of resolution so I do not have to revert back to v9x.
    I am not upgrading any of the systems I support to v10x until the stability has improved, which is an issue for me.

    To be clear, I like the ZoneAlarm products and having been using them since v2x, my intention is not to throw “rocks” but to offer feedback so that resolution of these issues may be facilitated.
    If my words seem strong, it is simply I need to convey the urgency of these issues as I am not working on what I should be in order to document this to y’all as these issues are interfering with my productivity.

    The critical issues I have detected to date are as follows:

    1. The ‘Clean’ Tool DownLoaded from the address below does not function correclty with v10x. I had to reinstall v10.0.241.000' and uninstall from the ‘Control Panel’ to get the version completely removed;
    The link: “”

    2. The majority of the “StartUps” of my system, the “Internet Protected” box in the main window indicates and error and the “Fix Now” Option must be clicked; this is unacceptable.

    3. Already submitted is the issue of not being able to ReSize / Select Full Screen as required which is an incredible nuisance, i.e., when attempting to identify objects with long path names.

    ForceField is (and has always been in my opinion) unstable and excessive in overhead. The decision to remove the option not to install ForceField was not in the customer’s best interest, or y’alls.

    The issues I am certain which are from ForceField are as follows:

    4. Interference with the the proper function of the US Robotics Modem program “probedis.exe” as previously submitted via chat to y’all.
    I have confirmed that ForceField is the culprit (it was also an issue in v9x);
    the symptom(s) are:
    . Upon system ShutDown a message is issue as follows:
    "probedis.exe - dll initialization failed
    The application failed to initialize
    because the windows station is shutting down"

    5. Intermittently, upon system “StartUp”, if user does not logon right away (within say the first minute)
    and the system sits at that screen for more than a few minutes (I have not tested the actual time, for testing purposes five (5) minutes should suffice)
    the system will not completely initialize,
    the DeskTop background will appear but there are no icons, status bar or toolbars.
    Many of the processes have started, but the User Interface does not,
    a ShutDOwn & ReStart with prompt logon will resolve the incident.

    6. If the Registry entry to start ForceField is manually removed, one of zaiss’ processes is apparently “Hard Coded” to rewrite the entry upon next system start as follows:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run]

    "ISW"="C:\\Program Files\\CheckPoint\\ZAForceField\\ForceField.exe /icon=\"hidden\""

    Urgently and option to not install or inhibit Force Field from Starting is needed.
    I am willing to test the fix on the USR program probedis.exe” as needed and as well will continue testing future versions of ForceField if desired.
    I like the concept of ForceField, I just do not think it has mature to a level where non-technical people can use it.

    that's all folks!
    (for now)

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    Default Re: v10x issues

    Quote Originally Posted by draoi View Post
    The purpose of this communication is to attempt to bring these defects to the attention of the developers in the hopes of resolution so I do not have to revert back to v9x.
    Sorry all user here, developers do not monitor this board. It is indeed important that any user havving issues report them to the official ZA technical support (link in my signature). Unfortunately posting them here will not help. More reports about the same issue to official support more likely developers will look into it.


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