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Thread: Uninstalling ZA10 - reinstalling ZA 9

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    pokeefe Guest

    Default Uninstalling ZA10 - reinstalling ZA 9

    I'm a user of Firefox 5 and am having intermittent browser stalls. I haven't seen what it means that ZA 10 "doesn't support Firefox 5" but the ZA help desk thought ZA 10 might be the problem so they gave me instructions for uninstalling 10 and reinstalling 9. They didn't say if it could all be done offline. Can it? (I know I have to be online to reregister. I'm asking only about the uninstall/reinstall process.)

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    Default Re: Uninstalling ZA10 - reinstalling ZA 9

    Here is a Quote from the Forum Moderator, posted near the Top of this Forum Section..

    Can ZAES 10 be fully installed offline?
    The product will not license properly.
    Other features cannot be enabled.
    Security toolbar will not work.

    Its best to install with an internet connection to help cut down on any bugs or problems you might introduce installing without an internet connection.

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    Default Re: Uninstalling ZA10 - reinstalling ZA 9

    I got so fed up with my browser performance that didn't wait for your reply. I did the installation offline because I didn't want to have exposure while ZA was not installed. I already new about the licensing issue - that's what I had called reregistering. I know I can do that after installing, and I know I haven't succeeded yet.

    I chose not to have the toolbar installed so its not working isn't a big deal.

    If I run into other problems I bet I'll have more quests. Maybe I'll wait for a response then.

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