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Thread: ZA 10 preferences

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    Unhappy ZA 10 preferences

    Surprised to find that I can not adjust scanning preferences from the ZA 10 monitor but instead have to go to Computer | Anti-virus & Anti-Spyware. I am running Windows XP and can not find anything like Anti-virus & Anti-Spyware in My Computer. Where is it? Why this step backwards in product design?

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    Default Re: ZA 10 preferences

    NOTE: the Configuration controls in ZA 9.3 are still in ZA 10, some features have been moved to different locations on the Menu screen.


    Preferences is found under Tools tab upper right..

    other options are found by clicking on the Three main panels..

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version

    Fixes more install issues, and an AV issue.

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version
    • Improved client installation
    • Improved parental control installation in ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    • Add SKU name in client about box
    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version
    • This update improves compatibility with non-English operating systems and stand-alone versions of Hard Drive Encryption.
    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version
    • New user-friendly design: Easy for all levels of users, confirms protection at a glance. Runs automatically, is easy to customize and provides instant access to support and 24/7 live chat.
    • Quick install: Makes securing your computer faster and easier than ever.
    • Enhanced Cloud Security: 3rd generation Cloud Technologies detect 50,000 - 75,000 new applications every day and verify threats detected by behavioral scans.
    • New Antivirus engine: Including behavioral detection and advanced virus removal, plus virus pre-scan during installation.
    • New complete suite of parental controls: Limits time spent online and helps you block pornography, hate sites, questionable chat rooms, online gambling, profanity and more.
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