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Thread: Za forcefield problem run time error

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    Lightbulb Za forcefield problem run time error

    I had to reinstall Forcefield.. did clean up and uninstall and reisnatll now when i start up I get a c run time error re iswrcs and forcefield.ece that i never had before. If i log off and log on it goes away or if I disable FF it stops.. za support cany figure it out.. i am runnings ame start up programs etc as I did before reinstall. Basically i use FF for the phishing function onw ebsites and blocking and for the advanced download heuristic scans.
    they suiggested remocving security toolbar (i have ZA free firwewall) but i use that foer search, pop up blocker and e mail program opener. while dont want to dump forcefield, does anyone know of problem fix or a suitable free app that i can put on toolbars that will do the same job as FF

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    You didn't mention which OS you are using, which version of ZA Free, etc.

    Before installing ForceField, did you shut down ZA firewall, your browsers, antivirus and any other security programs before installing Forcefield? (of course you would first need to disconnect from the Internet for safety reasons before you shut those down).

    Here's how I've installed ForceField in the past. I was not using ZoneAlarm Free, however, but ZA Pro (version 9) with Windows XP. But it seems like the general principles would also apply to ZA Free as well. So it's something you might try if you wish.

    The ForceField installation is actually in two parts (two files). The first file that is downloaded is a small executable that examines your OS, etc. and retrieves the proper install file for your system. So first I download the small install file, and remain connected to the Internet when I launch that first install file. It examines your system and downloads the proper stub installer to the TEMP folder. Once that stub file downloads, it automatically asks you if you want to install it, etc. and to choose a location. Before proceeding to answer that question, I first unplug from the Internet and shutdown ZoneAlarm, any third-party antivirus and/or other security programs, and close browsers and other open programs. Then I click that I accept the ForceField license and location, etc. ForceField then installs.

    If ForceField tells me that the installation was successful, I then turn back on the ZoneAlarm, antivirus and other security programs, and reboot (while still unplugged from the Internet). After rebooting, and before I plug back into the Internet, I verify that ForceField launched at startup and I check the ForceField settings to be sure they are like I want. Then I open my browsers and check to see that it installed properly and appears functional. I also verify that ZoneAlarm, antivirus, and any other security program are all still functional. If all is well at that point, I then plug my Internet cable back in. Then I launch my browser and again verify that ForceField is working--i.e., that it has the white glow around it, and that the MB of filtered protected data is increasing when I check the "Protection Activity" info on the toolbar, and that "site status" is working, etc.

    This is what has worked for me in the past. Again, if you go this route, be sure and unplug from the Internet before disabling ZA and security programs.

    Good luck! Please report back.
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    Default Re: Za forcefield problem run time error

    i did it in safe mode following your lead.. so far so good...

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