Why would I have this showing up? I never added eBay or PayPal as trusted sites and certainly did not access this from the future (notice 2019)?

I do suspect having a trojan on my machine and after ZA, ESET, Greatis, not reporting any anomalies I am now inspecting packets using Wireshark (aka. Ethereal -- original version).

Really, at this stage I need some help because I receive emails from eBay asking me to change passwords and the msg is not listed in my eBay Inbox (standard procedure), definite sign of spoof/phish.


BTW, if I should open a new thread about this please (powers-that-be) let me know. Tx.
Also this is being written from a different machine, my main machine now having turned to an old Aspire running Linux. This is from an XP on the network (not available to the laptop with the problem -- it has been excluded from the network).