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Thread: ZA 10 install problem

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    Default ZA 10 install problem

    Hello i'm new to the forum and I hope you will bare with my level of understanding - yesterday I received a pop up offering me an upgrade from Extreme Security V9 to the latest version - down loaded and installed OK I was able to setup schedule etc., and then I closed it down.

    There was no shortcut icon on the screen so I tried to open the program from the start menu and then the program list - the little " waiting circle" showed for a few seconds but the program did not open - tried to open as administrator nothing! - contacted the technical chat line they gave me links to "clean" to remove ZA and then install from their link - still not able to open program after several tries - I have Win 7 + Firefox 5 so I removed FF5 and reinstalled FF4 thinking that that might be the problem, still no joy - there is no sign of ZA in the the task bar so although it shows in programs and the ZA tool bar is in place.

    Talked to the tech guy again late last night and he was at the limit of his help so advised me to go into the diagnostics tool and send the data to the DEV team - this seemed to work OK as I received an acknowledgement - it is hoped that they will in contact with me soon and that the problem will be resolved.

    It's extremely frustrating as well as having no protection, so I wonder if anyone has has a similar experience and perhaps can throw some light on the subject?

    Sorry for the long and convoluted text but I would welcome any HELP!

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    Default Re: ZA 10 install problem

    Thank you for your Feedback to the User Forum..

    If you have already sent your ZA diagnostic Logs to Development..
    They will use your logs to diagnose the problem with your Computer configuration.. I would not expect an Email from Dedevelopment unless the DATA you sent them was Corrupted or they need more DATA from you..
    If Development discovers an issue that needs fixing, the fix will be included into the next update.

    You may contact the ZA technical support at the Live Chat link in my Signature and troubleshoot the issue with them.
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