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Thread: uTorrent and vsmon

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    necroticsoul Guest

    Unhappy uTorrent and vsmon

    So then, last week I upgraded to the new version of Zone Alarm Security Suite (version on my Windows XP system. I would add also that I used the clean install method. Since that moment, I have had problems running uTorrent. Specifically, the download speeds are miniscule and the program gradually becomes more and more unresponsive (ie I might click on a menu for it to only appear a minute later). Bringing up the task manager on these occasions has confirmed that it is the process 'vsmon.exe' that is hogging 100 percent of my computer's CPU. As soon as I turn off uTorrent, vsmon calms down again.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced this problem or knows of a workaround for it, because the problem is severely limiting my computer's functionality!



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    ivanlo Guest

    Default Re: uTorrent and vsmon

    i've been having the same exact problem as John here ever since i updated ZoneAlarm (i'm also running XP) but have had little luck resolving the issue.


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