Is it just my 21 inch monitor or has the Programs Listing in release 10 been downgraded to the point of non-usability? What am I missing here?

I had used the Programs Listing in release 9 constantly to create customized settings for every program on my list. In release 10, this task looks to be nearly impossible. Some of the problems I ran into were:

In release 9, the Programs Listing was readable. In release 10, the text is in unreadable tiny font. No right-click settings options exist for increasing the font size.

In release 9, the Programs Listing had titles at the top of each column that were logical and easy to understand (Trust Level, Access, Server etc). In release 10, the titles are now meaningless words that don't describe anything. A new user might think he's in the wrong app. I don't even know if the columns are the same as in release 9 - there's no context help screens. A new user might be totally lost.

In release 9, the Programs Listing had gridlines that make the page easier to navigate. In release 10, there are no gridlines and navigation is unworkable.

In release 9, the Programs Listing was easy to edit because the user could select individual control settings. In release 10, the lack of descriptions, help screens, user manuals, and usable design caused so much frustration that I just gave up. Like other posters, I reinstalled release 9; what a relief!

Does anyone else see these issues? Version 9 wasn't broke so why fix, er, wreck it? At the least shouldn't some of us be asking ZoneLabs to provide a really good release 10 user manual? Or am I wrong on all counts and just missed the correct answers?

Thank you

AZ Bob