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    davejones39 Guest

    Default [WORKAROUND] Unwanted E-mail Block

    I belong to a professional listserve. I receive messages in bundles (bunched together, with an index, rather than each e-mail separately). Every week or so, ZA decides to deny me access. I CLICK on an indexed message, as ususal, & it won't open. I know it's ZA that's causing the problem. Because I can turn off ZA & access with no difficulty. (Then, because ZA is not listed on IE Programs & there is no .exe in ZA Program Files, I have to re-boot to start ZA again.... Another problem.)

    The e-mails come through. They are not being blocked. But, having come through, I cannot access their content.


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    Default Re: Unwanted E-mail Block

    Exact version of ZA used? Installed on XP, VISTA, etc..? First time problem? Always been there? Where are you accessing those e-mails? ZA blocks what ? (internet, broswer, e-mail client)? Any specific error message? Any logged entry in ZA? Etc...

    Unless you provide more details on your problems including steps to reproduce them, it is unlikely other users here will be able to help.

    Also remember that, as a registered user of ZA you can access, free of charge, the ZA technical support at the link in my signature.


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    davejones39 Guest

    Default Re: Unwanted E-mail Block

    ZAISS on XP. Problem started recently, after loading "upgrade" (ugh). Never before. Using Firefox/Gmail. There's no message. The e-mail that I receive is an index of bundled, individual e-mail postings. Seeing that e-mail index is no problem. Usually, I CLICK on an indexed posting & it shows that e-mail. When ZA decides to act up, it just opens a new tab (as it normally does, when it works), but grinds & grinds & doesn't show the e-mail text. No messages. I wouldn't know about "logged entries to ZA." (No one ever informed me about that.)

    There's nothing more to tell. Two days ago, I could CLICK on an entry in the listserve index & see the associated message. Now (just like a couple of days last week), that doesn't work. Close ZA & it works fine.

    Figuring that the platform may be a problem, I'm opening IE rather than Firefox.

    When I CLICK on an e-mail containing bundled messages, I get a window:

    "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely? This webpage contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS connection, which could compromise the security of the entire webpage."

    When I CLICK "yes" I'm taken to the index of bundled messages (i.e., the usual, single e-mail I get from the listserve). CLICK on one of those indexed messages & it opens (just as it does in Firefox most of the time).

    So, it works fine in IE (today). ZA & Firefox are fighting. Normally ZA allows me to view bundled messages @ Firefox/gmail. Occasionally, ZA blocks them. I don't want them blocked, ever.


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    Default Re: Unwanted E-mail Block


    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country, or around the World,
    without All the Details about your computer and Software that you failed to provide, without our ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    as Guru Fax requested, your Issue may be related to an old version of ZAISS, (Current version is 10.0.250), or Other Security Program conflices, etc..

    It is normally Helpful when posting here to give full details of your computer setup.

    Give the Exact Type and version of Zone Alarm used, Windows Version used, other security tools installed.

    is this a First time install?
    Stopped working recently?
    any other issues?
    any Error messages in the ZA logs?
    and what are the steps you took to reproduce the problem.

    The More information you post the more likely users here will be able to understand the issue and try to help.

    also is this a DeskTop, Laptop computer or Netbook.

    Please List any other Security Programs installed as these programs may be conflicting with Zone Alarm.


    Your Other Problem with the "Randon Questions" is answered below:

    Please read the Sticky post in OFF TOPIC Area, the Forum Moderator was Required to implement the Forum Software "Random Questions" feature to replace the old "reCAPTCHA" feature that Most Forums use, which has now been Hacked by Spammers..

    Sticky: Search with reCaptcha, not good

    Sorry, but the "Random question" feature is needed to Block Spammers and Hacker BOTS from flooding this Forum with Porn and Spam..
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    davejones39 Guest

    Default Re: Unwanted E-mail Block

    My last posting & GeorgeV's may have crossed in the aether. I didn't realize I had to answer a question before posting. So, my response was delayed.

    I'm running ZA 10.0.246. I was made aware of that version, by e-mail from ZA, & loaded it on the day I was informed, July 15. Before then there was no problem opening individual e-mail postings bundled into an index. Since then, I could ordinarily open them. But now, as on a few previous occasions, CLICK on the posting to be opened & a new tab is opened (as usual) & it appears to be trying. But nothing happens. There's a little arrow going around in a circle, chasing it's tail. And it can/will do that all day long. No error message. No result. Just a blank screen at that tab.

    Here's what I find out ABOUT ZA:

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    vsmon version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version: 1057296736
    AntiSpam version:
    ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.311.0
    ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner:
    ZoneAlarm ForceField Anti-Phishing Database:
    ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Sites Database: 04.155

    This is an update. I've been running ZA (probably) for a decade.

    Fax also asked about the ZA Logs. Folks who work with ZA daily may know the "ZA Logs" intimately. Most don't. I'm just a guy who bought a firewall. I have now idea where to search for a ZA Log.

    Steps to correct? I curse a lot & occasionally pound the keyboard. That has worked in the past; not now. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I can get around this problem by using IE rather than Firefox. The problem seems to be limited to Firefox.

    Mine is a desktop, Intel Core i3, 2.94 GHz with 3.46 GB of RAM.

    I have knowingly installed no other security programs. But Microsoft has the habit of sneaking things in. I have no idea what they might have running in the background.

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    Default Re: Unwanted E-mail Block

    Unfortunately you have not yet provided the exact details of the ZA version used. Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> about --> copy to clipboard ---> and paste it here.

    Please also specify the version of firefox used. 5.0.1? IE 8?

    Without the above details I would not be able to give you concrete suggestions. For example, older version of ZASS do not support latest version of firefox.

    Also it is difficult to understand how ZA could block this information. Since it does not filter web content nor can block browsers to properly work if correctly allowed in ZA program control. ZA opening a new tab? And what is written in the new tab? ZA cannot open a new tab, there is no function for it.

    The fact that after closing ZA the issue is resolved may not mean its a ZA issue. It could some loaded programs (add-on? other security tools?) fighting with ZA and blocking the browser.

    This is unlikely a ZA issue or at least its the first time I hear about it.

    P.S. Sorry there is nothing we can do about QA, they are designed to confuse non-native speakers and spam bots. Originating 99% of the spam here.

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    Default Re: Unwanted E-mail Block

    Ok you posted while I was answering.

    Please update to the latest version of ZASS (250). You may want to start clean without upgrading the current version. Remove 246 (reboot) and install 250 without importing any setting. This way we are sure its not a ZA issue.

    The rest of the previous reply still applies including running browser extensions/add-ons and other tools including security tools.

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    davejones39 Guest

    Default Re: Unwanted E-mail Block

    I just sit in front of my computer screen all day. About three weeks ago (7/15/11) ZA informed me that an update was available. I followed the link & it said "Free update here." So, I loaded it. It was 10.0.246.

    You suggest I update to 250 (which, of course, I wouldn't have known about absent your suggestion. I've heard nothing from ZA about another update.)

    I go to & am told I can buy the latest edition. I'm given no information about edition number, or how to simply update my present version, which still has over a year on its license.

    When I open ZA on my desktop & CLICK UPDATE it says "Anti-virus update: up to date. Product update: up to date."

    I am loath to remove ZA completely & reinstall. I should be able to save my license number & get running again. But, you know how those things go....

    How do I go about getting a .250 update (if such an animal exists)?

    A couple of other notes.

    (1) One responder said ZA can't open internet tabs. Perhaps I wasn't clear. I'm sent a single e-mail by my listserv. It contains links to several messages that have been posted & bundled together (so that I get 1 e-mail rather than 6 or 10). Normally, when I CLICK on one of those links, it opens a new Firefox tab & displays the original, individual e-mail. Now, it opens a new tab and.... nothing. If I turn ZA off, it opens a new tab & displays the e-mail. ZA is blocking it.

    (2) Firefox HELP gives me no info about what edition. I'm using IE 8.

    (3) Given your leads, I tracked down a ZA log page. There's nothing there.

    In earlier versions of ZA it was possible to list sites that you wanted unhampered by ZA. When I started this process, I hoped to be able to enter the e-mail address of the listserv &, effectively, tell ZA "Don't do anything when I dealing with these folks." That may still be possible. But, if so, it's much less transparent than in the past. (Frankly, the latest update I've got is pretty opaque.)

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