I have contacted technical support and it has been asked of me to provide them to my Diagnostic Logs due to the latest release of Zone Alarm Extreme "still" doing a rescanning upon every rebooting of my computer.
So if anyone else is having this same rescanning, please, contact Technical Suuport and get the instructions to forward "your" Diagnostic Logs to Check Point/Zone Alarm.
I was told not everyone is having this but some are. And to dispute any suggestion these are antivirus definition updates, I have provided just several of these log entries.

Here are just a few entries from yesterday:

AV/scan,2011/08/04,03:42:36 -4:00 GMT,Multiple Files,Scan Completed,
AV/scan,2011/08/04,03:51:04 -4:00 GMT,Multiple Files,Scan Completed
AV/scan,2011/08/04,09:10:54 -4:00 GMT,Multiple Files,Scan Completed,
AV/scan,2011/08/04,09:45:12 -4:00 GMT,Multiple Files,Scan Completed
AV/scan,2011/08/04,10:44:26 -4:00 GMT,Multiple Files,Scan Completed
AV/scan,2011/08/04,11:15:28 -4:00 GMT,Multiple Files,Scan Completed