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Thread: ZAES: What are the toolbar options during installation?

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    Default ZAES: What are the toolbar options during installation?

    I am going to be installing ZAES. I have read that during the installation I will be presented with some toolbar options for me to check or uncheck. Can someone please describe what these options are that I will have to choose, so I can make my plans? Thanks.

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    Default Re: ZAES: What are the toolbar options during installation?

    At install you will need to UNcheck or leave it cheched the option of installing the security toolbar. Another option (UNchecked by default) ask you if you want to use the MS search engine. No other options given. If you decide not to install the toolbar you will loose some security functions and controls over the ZA web protection.

    The best is to try it and see if you like it, if not, just remove ZA and install without the toolbar.

    If you are upgrading from version 9 better to remove 9 before installing 10. Not needed but you will avoid any potential issue.


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