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Thread: Zone Alarm security doesn’t work on my XP

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    Default Zone Alarm security doesn’t work on my XP

    It seems I even have trouble inserting a new thread here’s my 2nd attempt .

    I am disappointed in the latest Zone Alarm re-vamp and Update installation zonealarm security because I have tried it on 1 of 3 of my computers XP to the latest version service Pack 3 – to test – and it failed!


    Then ZA support said sorry and could not advise anything else but run and reinstall the old program back and it works fine.

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm security doesn’t work on XP

    Sorry to hear you have problems with the installation.This is a user forum to deal with common issues related to the latest version, we can't change how ZA 10 operates nor suggest you something more than what already suggested. Also note that ZA staff does not monitor this board.

    You need to keep following up with ZA official support, and if you are not happy about their suggestion ask for refund or look for another tool you can feel confortable with.

    There is no widespread issue related to ZASS 10 and XP, it must be related to some local factors. Try to troubleshoot with MSCONFIG as already suggested and follow up with official support.

    Sorry again and thank you for your understanding and support.

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