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    Hi Everyone.I am new to the forum and apologise if this topic has been covered before.
    My site check does not is greyed has worked a couple of times but even now when on this site it is still greyed out.can anybody point me in the right direction.

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    Hi and welcome to the ZA user forum!
    First of all you will need to give more details of your ZA used, the OS (XP? Windows?) and any information you feel important.

    Right click the ZA icon near the clock, click on about, copy to clipboard and paste in here as answer.

    Then you should explain how you installed your ZA. New install? Upgraded a version? Which version?

    What other security tools are installed (Spybot, malwarebytes, norton, registry tool, backup tools, etc)? What version of the browser are you using? IE9 IE8 Firefox5? Do you see the "private browsing" as an icon in the toolbar? Are you running any add-on on the browser other than ZA toolbar?

    Did you tried already to reinstall ZA? Did you use a removal tool for it?

    More information you provide more likely other users here will be able to help.


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