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Thread: Zonealarm SS & invisable Gigatribe users

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    Default Zonealarm SS & invisable Gigatribe users

    Some of my Gigatribe friends don't show up as available in Gigatribe even though I know that they are online. Have the latest version of Zass running. If I turn off Zass they show up but if I turn Zass back on those users dissappear suddenly. I have Gigatribe set up as a super user & I don't use a router. Gigatribe is using it's default port of 3278. How can I fix this problem?

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    Sorry all users here, you may want to contact the official ZA support and check if they are aware of any problem (link to support in my signature). I would also contact the developer of that software to know if he/she is aware of any conflicts with ZA or can suggest a configuration to have it working with ZA.


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