Good Evening,

I have purchased ZA Pro 9 due to my existing Pro version 8.0.400.020 being no longer fully supported.

I have been informed that others have experienced problems upgrading, and would appreciate advice on the best procedure.
I also use Avast Free 6.0.1203 on my XP Pro machine.

Should I first uninstall ZA Pro 8 per Start >> All Programs >> ZoneAlarm >> Uninstall ZoneAlarm Security, or is there a dedicated ZA uninstaller available that would better totally clear all remnants of version 8 before I install version 9 ?
Or can I simply uninstall per Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs ?

Normally, I would first stop ZA from running at startup and then reboot; immediately disconnect from the Internet then uninstall the old version; then install the new version; then tweak the settings prior to reconnecting to the Internet.

I've tried googling, and having a look here, but many of the posts are old and contradictory.
So I would be grateful if someone could provide me with the proper sequence of steps before I start.

With thanks, scrumdown