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Thread: Scheduling Deep scans

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    Scheduling scans
    I used to have ZA alarm carry out a deep scan every Sunday morning at 01:00, which worked very well for me as I generally only have the computer left on at the weekends.
    This has now changed and I am forced into quick scan, normal scan & deep scan (on a 6 monthly schedule). This does not work well for me as a 6 monthly scan can fall on any day of the week, this means a deep scan can start at any time after the scheduled date (if the computer is not on at the required scheduled time). Therefore a scheduled scan can run whilst I am using the computer, which is not what I want.
    Is there any way I can schedule a deep scan as before on a specific day only, Ie Sunday morning, and disable the quick scan & normal scan. This is a step backwards and very annoying.

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    I am afraid this is not possible, sorry.
    There are several post about it.


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    Ok Fax
    Thanks for your reply, but this is there any chance of this being available in a future update, this worked really well for a home user like me.

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    Sorry no it will not come back ever again.

    It was changed because too many users were scheduling deep scans too often and then complaining to us there PC's are running to slow when scanning happens and blamed it all on ZA.

    According to Kaspersky a deep scan is not really needed anymore often than every 6 months on a Scheduled method. So we changed it.

    Now you can manually do a deep scan anytime you want.

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