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Thread: how can I stop the Product Update nagging?

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    Question how can I stop the Product Update nagging?

    I have never been able to connect to tech support. All I get is "failure to load session"

    In any event, ZA has been nagging me for some time to upgrade to: zaSuiteSetupWeb_100_250_000_en

    When I try to install it, my password is refused. I can access just about anything with the same password, but I can't install the upgrade. I have given up. ZA appears to be running OK as it is, but how can I stop the nagging? I keep saying "Remind me in X days..."
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    Default Re: how can I stop the Product Update nagging?


    1.) To Answer your Request, I have included a Screenshot from ZA Version 10 to show you how to turn off the Product Update Notice.. (NOTE: turning off the Product Update Notice is not Recommended)

    Click on TOOLS, then Click on Scheduled Task and the last Item you can Disable Product Update,

    2.) Re: Problems when trying to access Tech Supp


    We don't suggest linking directly if its problematic for you.


    If you still have issues.

    Then goto

    Click on the support link at the top of the page in the blue navigation bar.

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