Hello everybody, I'm new here and I'll try to be helpful whenever possible.
Now I'm having a most strange issue, and I don't know what it's related to.
I saw somebody else posting about the same thing, but saw no answer.
Since a few days ago, I'm not being able to connect to Tech Support site (hhtps://support.zonealarm.com) if I try to do it from my home. I get the message "Failed to load session". What session????
BUT ... if I take my laptop to my office (see it's the same system I'm talking about) and connect it to Internet, I have no problem at all when accessing the TS site, as it was some days ago from home too.
As a matter of fact, I wasn't being able to download version 10.0.250 of ZAES; today I downloaded it and installed it with no problem at all, but now, back at home, the connection problem remains. I'm still not able to access the Tech Supp site, getting the same message I said.
Any hints? Does someone have something to share about this?