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Thread: Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript? new acronyms for Zone Alarm

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    Snarkley Guest

    Default Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript? new acronyms for Zone Alarm

    I plan to use ZAES 2012, Firefox 5, and Noscript. Can anyone using that combo comment if that combo works OK? Thanks.

    PS-I may also add AdBlock for Firefox later.

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    Default Re: Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript?

    Uuuhm, I am not using noscript myself, so I cannot help. The principle is simple, if you are running the ZA browser virtualization you actually don't need noscript. The browser is anyway isolated from the rest of the system and data encrypted. The beauty of the ZA active sandbox is that you don't have to mess up blocking website.

    Always remember to install browser add-ons and updates with ZA virtualization turned OFF.
    For the rest you have already raised the issue of nocript and adblocking here: Forcefield and Firefox Plug-ins
    There were no major changes to forcefield, this means that what suggested should still be valid.

    I would recommend to take a trial period to test ZAES 2012 before a final upgrade.

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    braab Guest

    Default Re: Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript?

    Maybe I can contribute a bit here. I have had ZASS running with Firefox 6, multiple add-ons including NoScript/ Ghostery. That ran just fine, smooth, and quick. Also I did not experience the "difficulty to install add-ons" that some people report out there.


    When I finally gave in to the continuing pop-up to upgrade to ZASS I did end up with a lot of trouble, no internet connection at all (blocked in some way by ZASS, since it returned after disabling ZA). I also noticed during installing the 10.x version that ZA almost takes it as a given you use Internet Explorer/ MicroSoft, since it does not detect your preferred browser but tries to get you to install Bing, set conditions concerning ActiveX and so on.

    Since I (re)installed my 9.3.037 ZASS version without ForceField, and all is well, I suspect that NoScript and ForceField do not go together well. Firefox 6.0 does not give any problems with 9.3.037.
    FAX does have a point with ZA now copying a Sandboxie approach, although it disregards many other NoScript features, e.g. AdBlocking, selective Java, or Google Analytics (and other tracking) blocking.
    Perhaps essential is that ZA 10.x does, as far as I know, not give an opt-out for the ForceField installation, thus offering no user choice/ preference. Hence installing ZA 10.x will mean also installing ForceField.
    Whether my problems with ZASS were caused by FireFox 6, NoScript, or both, I can not tell. Keep in mind however that ZA seems to prefer/ support/ fit better with MicroSoft/ Internet Explorer and IF this is an issue, it might take a while before resolved. Answers to questions concerning browser comparability (not only Firefox, but also Chrome or Safari) on this forum seem to suggest so.
    Finally, although old, I did find this by Mozilla, where user comments suggest issues with Firefox/ Noscript and Forcefield.
    However, at that time it was still an option whether you installed ForceField...
    Additionally, the MozillaZine Knowledge Database also published on possible issues between Firefox and ForceField:

    Hope this helps...
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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript?

    Thanks for the info. It is somewhat confusing since you wrote ZASS. The abbreviations can be confusing sometime.

    ZAES=ZA Extreme Security
    ZASS or ZISS=ZA Security Suite, aka ZA Internet Security Suite.

    ZAES 10 has "Forcefield" built in; i.e., the Virtual browser.
    ZISS 10 doesn't have the virtual browser; i.e. no "Forcefield".
    Both have antiphishing/site status and download protection.

    ZISS/ZASS, version 9: one previously could purchase standalone Forcefield to add to it, but this is no longer supported.

    I assume you had ZISS (or ZASS) 9.3 with no Forcefield, then upgraded to ZAES (Extreme) 10.x that does have Forcefield. So it sounds like you installed ZAES 10 instead of ZASS 10. But please clarify that if I'm confused.

    If you want to install a ZA 10 suite without Forcefield, then ZISS (Security Suite) 10.250 is the one that should be used.

    Aso note, that use for Firefox 6 has until now not been approved for any of the versions, except the update is rolling out now. ZAES will not auto-update yet, however, but other paid versions may. Refer to this posting by the Forum-Moderator concerning Firefox 6:
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    braab Guest

    Default Re: Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript?

    Well critterjoe, now you got me confused too! ;-)
    Since I can't believe CheckPoint is now giving away freebees, I looked again for you...

    Under About it says:
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:....
    TrueVector version:...
    Driver version:...
    Anti-virus engine version:...
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:...
    AntiSpam version:...

    so that would be ZASS right?
    Since I did not change my subscription since I first took it in 2004, I assume the new 10.025.00 I installed when prompted was also ZASS, i.e. ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.

    When I ran into trouble after I installed the 10.x version, I did take a look at all processes running with ProcessExplorer. And there, clearly to see where a root process (ISO, ISD, ISIW... or something), with attached ForceField.exe (specifically with the switch icon="hidden").

    Whether it should be in the tin I purchased, I can not tell you. Nevertheless, I do know I have a multi year subscription for ZASS (ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite) and after installing the new version I did end up with the ZoneAlarm process ForceField.exe running, and during installation I was never offered an "do-not-install-force-field" option.
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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript?

    I can't explain that, so I'll have to let one of the Gurus or Forum Moderator tell you why you are seeing any forcefield process/components in ZASS. ZASS 10 doesn't have virtual browsing, but whether it uses any other components I don't know. The other option is to have a free Live Chat with Tech Support available 24x7 through the ZoneAlarm website.

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    braab Guest

    Default Re: Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript?

    Here you are... recreated the situation by installing ZASS again.
    May I also say here I really dislike the new GUI and navigation? Try to set your programs...
    No overviews, a lot hidden behind buttons, click to go to another menu, from there go to another sub-menu. Regret the loss of the sorting and distinction between old and newly added programs in for example "Program Control". Perhaps the programmers can rethink the interface for the next releases..?

    Specifically on the issue we have been talking about. As you can see ZASS is installed.
    Note the ForceField components quoted as active.

    And here is the ProcessExplorer screendump showing you that ZASS DOES activate ForceField.exe (although under switch icon="hidden").

    Since I now reinstalled (clean install after CLEAN.exe by Live Chat Operator) looked closely for a possible "Install ForceField" opt out. There was none.

    IF the reply is that, yes ForceField.exe is loaded, but not active (since this is ZASS as you said, and not ZAES), then I must say I regret the sloppy programming. Loading the module, committing resources without any use...? Then again, can not imagine such a goof. I personally think that ForceField "components" are available and active in ZASS.

    Like you curious for the explanation. Perhaps other ZASS users can take a peak in their processes running and comment whether this loaded ForceField.exe in ZASS is generic...
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    Default Re: Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript?

    Sorry we are all users here, you need to keep following up with the official ZA support. If you do not like the new ZA you may want to ask for a refund, if applicable, or do not renew your license.

    It may be also useful you report the issue to noscript developers, they may have better access to ZA development team.


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    Default Re: Is ZAES 2012 OK with Noscript?

    Seems to be a lot of mis-information being passed around and confusing info too.

    This is how to always refer to our software and DON'T make up new acronyms!!! and confuse people cause you like to refer to it in a different way. Use the acronym or the words below.

    ZAAV=ZoneAlarm with Antivirus



    All version 10 products and also the latest ZA Free have something called the security tool bar.

    The security tool bar as a component called Site Check.

    Site Check is from part of the Forcefield technology. So you see some components of forcefield loaded even though you Do Not have Extreme. (Extreme has the full blown Web Security feature set)

    We also stopped calling it forcefield. It now know as and must be refereed to as Web Security

    The forcefield product was discontinued some time ago and is not supported at all.

    That should answer everything and no more confusing discussion is needed and no need to contact support.

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