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    I am using Zone Alarm Security Suite v with Vista Ultimate. My query relates to Program Settings.

    Network Firewall = Max. DefenseNet = Automatic.

    I have a program that is recognised by ZASS which sets the settings and records “Auto” under SmartDefense. I change the settings manually and “Auto” changes to “Custom”. However when I look at the same program at a later date I find that the settings have been returned to the auto settings and SmartDefense is at “Auto” for that program.

    I want DefenseNet as AutoMatic but only for new programs that have not already been customised.

    I thought that ZASS should not change the program settings once they have been customised by the user?? This was true for ZASS v 9 but does not seem to be true for ZASS v 10.

    Can anybody advise their experiences with ZASS v 10.

    I have spoken with ZASS Technical Support but I get conflicting information as to how ZASS v 10 should operate.

    Grateful for any advice.

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    Normally it should keep your custom settings. However watch-out for updates of the file that will reset it to default (central database determination). I had the same issue but then realised that I had updated/reinstalled the file.

    Also watch out for microsoft signed files, a setting in application control (enable microsoft catalogue utilization) will override whatever settings you apply.

    A simple test would be to (once you have fixed the above mentioned issues), make your settings changes, ensure the entry is set to custom then shutdown ZA (from the tray icon). Wait 2 minutes. Launch ZA again and check the settings are kept. Done.

    Finally, also remember the new allow/deny policy
    Quote Originally Posted by Forum-Moderator View Post
    In version 10 and above the new behavior for alerts since there is no longer a check box to remember the setting is:

    Program alerts: Both allow and deny are Remembered permanent.

    OS Firewall alerts: Allow is remembered permanent and deny is only for that session only.

    To clarify, session isn’t referring to session of ZoneAlarm, but for the lifetime of the process.

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    Be careful with the disabling of "microsoft catalogue utilization", you are likely to receive several prompts from legit MS executable during use and updates and wrong allocation of permissions can render your OS unstable or not usable.

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