I am using Zone Alarm Security Suite v with Vista Ultimate. My query relates to Program Settings.

Network Firewall = Max. DefenseNet = Automatic.

I have a program that is recognised by ZASS which sets the settings and records “Auto” under SmartDefense. I change the settings manually and “Auto” changes to “Custom”. However when I look at the same program at a later date I find that the settings have been returned to the auto settings and SmartDefense is at “Auto” for that program.

I want DefenseNet as AutoMatic but only for new programs that have not already been customised.

I thought that ZASS should not change the program settings once they have been customised by the user?? This was true for ZASS v 9 but does not seem to be true for ZASS v 10.

Can anybody advise their experiences with ZASS v 10.

I have spoken with ZASS Technical Support but I get conflicting information as to how ZASS v 10 should operate.

Grateful for any advice.