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Thread: Continuing ZASS 9.x support?

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    raccroc Guest

    Exclamation Continuing ZASS 9.x support?

    Two Questions:
    1. What is the road-map for continued continuing ZASS v9.x?
    2. Is there any way to prevent the 1-15 day upgrade to 10.x reminder?

    I tried 10.x and it gave me nothing but grief (for example: popup notification popping up outside the viewing area while I was using a custom DPI) and I few options see to have be removed which I'd prefer to keep. I just don't know how long I've got till I have to make some kind of change...

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    Default Re: Continuing ZASS 9.x support?

    Sorry all users here, you will need to check with ZA support directly. Link to support is in my signature. Development of version 9 (as of now) has ended and no issues with ZA 9 will be fixed in the future. As a general rule, running old security tools is like running no tools.

    You may want to report the issue of custom DPI directly to the official ZA technical support but I guess the GUI is optimized for default DPI, so you may expect problems otherwise.

    If you get answer about ZA 9 support please post it back here, it will help other users with the same problem.


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    raccroc Guest

    Default Re: Continuing ZASS 9.x support?

    That you for the information. Support for 9.x ending was what I really needed to know and will be the drive behind what I do going forward.

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    Default Re: Continuing ZASS 9.x support?

    Av updates in 9.3.037 will continue for now.

    You can get very basic support for 9.3 but if there is an issue or problem you wont get any help fixing it in 9.x

    You will be asked by support to upgrade to 10.x

    So you can continue running 9.3.037 if you like.

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