As prompted I downloaded and installed the newest version a week ago last Friday.

First problem The toolbar won't install if you are using AVIRA free antivirus. It took me over an hour to install the new ZAP, and I had to uninstall AVIRA to do it. It's not just AVAST that clashes with ZAP. I was able to reinstall AVIRA free afterwards.

Second problem - my IMVU toolbar was wiped out by ZAP because they come from the same supplier and you can't have both at once so far as I can tell.

Third problem - I became unable to watch You Tube except sporadically. The films won't load.

Fourth problem - as of last night ZAP keeps closing my IE windows on the grounds that they are unstable and uses all my resources to submit an error report.

Fifth problem - This is very odd - and I'm sure it is somehow connected to ZAP because it wasn't happening before.
1 When I tried to install the latest version of IMVU Windows told me it wasn't in the right format for 32 bit! One reboot later and it worked....
2 As of last night Windows keeps telling me that it has received abnormal requests to close IE windows and so it keeps shutting them down and trying again. That's without seeing the ZAP pop up about unstable windows, but it's the same problem, simply reported by Windows instead. Visual basics seems to be upset with something. There was a massive monthly update to Windows last week - possibly that is a problem with that, but I did once have to reinstall an earlier version of ZAP because it messed up my IE.

Maybe I should go straight to a reinstall, but I thought I'd raise this issue in case others are also feeling perplexed.

I'm running an Acer Aspire 6920 Vista. It does have that Acer empowering technology, but I had to disable part of that immediately I got it because it clashes with ZAP.