I renewed my annual license a while ago.

Although I previously used ZA Extreme Security + DataLock, I decided not to continue with DataLock, but rather to just purchase a new annual subscription for ZA Extreme (without DL). This simple desire of mine has resulted in *many* wasted hours of troubleshooting, and has eventually brought me to these forums, for the 1st time. Here's what happened:

1. At 1st I succesfully installed the new ver. of ZA Extreme, the new registration code was indeed accepted, and all seemed well.

Under "Hard Drive Encryption" I was notified that since DataLock was deactivated, a process of decription of my HDD has begun. This is what I wanted.


2. Suddenly, my system started crashing in the worst possible way (black screen, total crash, no available crash dump).
Only completely stopping the two relevent processes that have to do with DataLock's encryption (the two "Pointsec" processes) resulted in stoppoing these system crashes.

3. After my system was stable again, I unistalled ZA Extreme, with intent to fix possible errors in the previous instalation by reinstalling again from scratch.
Since then and until now, I can't get ZA to work again...uninstalling & reinstalling just brings me to a situation where:

A. I can't open the ZA GUI by double clicking on the tray icon.
The right-click "Show Monitor" menu option is greyed out.
While hovering over the ZA tray icon I get a bubble stating that: "Initialization is in progress", but nothing ever happens, and I can't advance from this point.

B. from time to time I receive a notification that my brand new valid product license has expired, and the only option I have is to repurchase a new license again...it doesn't seem that there is a way for me to re-enter my current license again, since as stated above, I can't open the GUI at all.

Again, all this because I wanted to deactivate the DataLock service, and purchase ZA Extreme without it...!

Also -

If you were wondering what's the state of my previous DataLock - well, at 1st I still got the DataLock authentication screen after boot, but after several attempts to reinstall ZA, eventually the authentication was removed.

However...if I try to reinstall DataLock from a standalone file (believe it or not, but I even purchased a *new* copy of DL for $10, as part of my troubleshooting attempts to reinstall ZA Extreme!) I am notified that DataLock *is already installed*, and must be removed for a new installation to take place (needless to say that I can't remove it...).


I spent $70 on a new license for ZA Extreme, and for a a new copy of DataLock (which I didn't need in the 1st place) - and neither of these two products work.

Your help is highly appreciated! )

Thanks a lot in advance for your time and efforts,