Toshiba Satellite laptop, 4 gig memory, 32 bit system, Win 7 Home Premium with SP1, also running Carbonite backup program.

ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
vsmon version:
Driver version:
Anti-virus engine version:
Anti-virus signature DAT file version: 1057981088
ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.322.0
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner: 1.5.322.0
ZoneAlarm ForceField Anti-Phishing Database:
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Sites Database: 04.155

I have been using ZA for years starting with free and working up to ZASS. A few hitches along the way got solved. A few weeks ago a 'quick scan' started each day upon starting this computer. The scan info box showed how many hours the scan has been running and how many files scanned and how many errors found. These two numbers were always zero.
I put a question to this forum regarding the pseudo scan, and got the reply that it was a known bug in the then current version and a new version would be coming soon. I installed this version as soon as I found it. ZASS began working just the same in this version as previous. While the pseudo scan was running the program could not update definitions or program. Today I got another notice that ZA needed updating. The only way I could update was to download and attempt to reinstall the program (Using IE only) The installer stated the program I was running was not upgradable and I must uninstall first. I did this using your Clean.exe program. Rebooting several times during this process, all it wanted and a few I wanted. Now I have reinstalled a new download of the newest version and an update to both program and definititions was successful. A few reboots in this process as well. I do have a valid key according to both my and ZA records but the program will not accept it. So I am now running a 30 day trial and getting the nag screen at each re-boot. I copied and pasted the key from my copy of the provided invoice and from ZA's record of the transaction, neither was accepted.

Got any ideas of what the next step could be?
I thank you again for all your past help. Barbara T