In version 10 there is no longer an option to remember an Allow or Deny. Has anyone found a way of working around this inconvenience? That option to Remember was a critical reason* why I have always gone with Zone Alarm above other firewall software and I would very much like to hear how any others might have managed to work around or come to terms with this dumbing-down of ZA.

*My reasons:
1. The option to remember allows one to easily test Allow or Deny if one is unsure. If Allow or Deny is given and then regretted, one can manually edit the program list but this depends on your remembering the name of the program - not always easy! It is better to be able to test it.
2. The new default is that Allow is remembered permanently and Deny is for that session only. This is bad because some things you know immediately to deny permanently. Now one has to manually add them - a schlep if there is a list of them.
3. The new system no longer allows you to easily Allow or Deny some progams when it suits you. Some programs (eg: CorelDraw) phone home so often that it is a pest but they still need to be allowed sometimes so they can update. In such instances one can simply leave the Remember option unchecked.
4. I feel like ZA has been been dumbed down too much.