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Thread: IP block not working

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    Default IP block not working

    I just had a hack attempt via a Facebook friend's compromised account. He sent me a link to a malicious YouTube lookalike site. After noting a few warning signs, including that the URL didn't tally, I went into ZA advanced settings to add a rule to block the IP address. The link the hacker sent led to ~~snip~~ address I entered to block as both a source and destination IP address. My problem is that when I tested it, it didn't work. Firefox still had no hesitation in going to that site. Anyone got any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
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    Sorry Posting Live Links to Suspected web-sites VIOLATE the posted ZA Forum Guildelines and "Terms of Use" Policy

    Whenever posting here- or Contacting ZA Tech Support, it is always advisable to list Full details of your Computer:

    Give the Exact Type and version of Zone Alarm used, Windows Version used, other security tools installed.

    You may want to contact the official ZA technical support and troubleshoot with them the issue. Its free for registered users.
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    Default Re: IP block not working

    Many times there are multiple servers under one URL.

    So you just blocked one server but it went to another.

    You have to figure out all the IP addresses they have.

    Not easily done.

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    Default Re: IP block not working

    Sorry, I see I never thanked you for this reply.

    That is helpful to know. I wonder if ZA can be set to block a URL instead of a an IP addr ...

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