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Thread: ContentWatch virus?

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    Default ContentWatch virus?

    On my other Computer - also protected by Zonalarm - Internet Explorer gets locked out by a repeating pop-up - ContentWatch Installation Error. Reinstall program. I have no ide what that is, there is no Contentwatch program installed - partially or otherwise. I installed Firefox to get arounf IE but it also displays the pop-ups and nothing else. I get no hits on an antivirus scan from Zonealarm or Malwarebytes... Anybody else getting hit by this? I should mention that I had Parental Controls on this PC. Is this more ZA ****?
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    Oh Dear. I shut down Zone Alarm and now I have no ContentWatch problem. So is there a fix? How do I "reset" it? I have 146 days to go before my multi-license renewal... hint: don't take 146 days to fix it.

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    Some type of filtering software appears to have been installed on your system by (1) your company or (2) another user on your system.

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    The parental controls in version is is Netnanny software from Content Watch.

    So turn off or uninstall that. Its must be corrupted on your PC's.
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