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Thread: No "Remember this Setting IN ZA 10?

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    Default No "Remember this Setting IN ZA 10?

    Sometimes i wish to temporarily allow internet/interaction access to a few programs. In every other ZA version, leaving the "Remember This Setting" box unchecked allowed me to do this easily.

    However, once I "Updated" to ZA 10, I now longer have this option. I've gone through many configuration and options windows/menus to find out how to get this Check-box back, but with no luck

    Surely, there's a way... I feel like I'll be stuck with the current option, or having EVERY program repeat EVERY time. I find it very hard to imagine that the Zonealarm developers have consciously removed user control and ease of use.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Does ZA 9 still get definition updates?


    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    Zonealarm Security Suite v10.0.246.000

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    Default Re: No "Remember this Setting IN ZA 10?


    1.) The Forum Moderator has posted an explaination for the removal of that Feature in the "OFF-TOPIC" Forum area..

    Re: Where is the option to remember the program alert setting?

    2.) Does ZA 9 still get definition updates?

    Yes, for the Time being, ZA9.3 will continue to get AV Definition updates..

    Sticky: *** Daily AV/AS Signature Updates (08/26/2011) for XP/Vista/Win7

    However, There will be no more Bug Fixes, product update Support for
    Zone Alarm 9, Tech Support will request that you upgrade to version 10..

    Sticky: New version (12-22-2011)
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