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Thread: Where is the ZA tray icon?

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    hakah Guest

    Default Where is the ZA tray icon?

    Recently I've installed your Firewall Pro v9.3.037 and it worked properly with tray icon shown at right bottom corner at desktop screen. Then I was notified to update to latest version of 10.0.250 and update accordingly. After installation, there's no tray icon shown on desktop screen and when I click the desktop icon, error message appears with :
    "Lost Path
    Windows is locating zlclient.exe. Press Browser to search for the file.'
    When checking C:\ Program File \ Zonealram security, there is no concerned files except the Uninstaller.
    I don't know where your installed files gone to and is it a right installation of the software?
    Please advise how I can retrieve those installed files/folders of the software and where I can get hold of the right bottom tray icon again?

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    Default Re: Where is the ZA tray icon?


    You Probably have a bad install... try to to remove ZA 10. Run this clean tool <== Click Here
    and then download and install a fresh copy of the latest ZA version <== Click Here

    If you still have a problem be sure to report the problem to the official ZA support Live Chat link at the Support link in my signature (Free of Charge to User with a Valid ZA License key).

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    hakah Guest

    Default Re: Where is the ZA tray icon?

    Thanks for the advice and I will perform said procedures as recommended!

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