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Thread: New ZASS version

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    Default New ZASS version

    Having trouble with getting new version to work right,
    Where do I modify program permissions?
    Please give me an email address where I can get tech help when required,
    I need a Table of Contents to a User guide - not a complex labyrinth of links, which lead me in circles.

    --- am highly frustrated, with the poor new GUI,

    -- will likely stop using product after years of success, because the tech support people have now made it impossible to use it.

    Hope you can help!

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    Default Re: New ZASS version


    This Forum exist to allow Volunteer experienced Zone Alarm Users to help the Few Users who encounter a problem with ZoneAlarm and need to be guided in the right direction..

    1.) in ZA Version 10 click on the Computer Button, then click on Settings to the right of Application control,
    then click on view programs..

    Here is a Screen Shot:

    NOTE: the Configuration controls in ZA 9.3 are still in ZA 10, some features have been moved to different locations in the Menu screen, Just click on one of the three large buttons for more options.


    2.) we don't have direct email address so here is the Moderators explanation:


    First thing is we don't have direct email address so, you probably sent an email to an address that does not exist or that is not monitored. We don't publish an email address.

    Customer service and Technical Support are open 24x7 via live chat and there has not been any issues with live chat for many months.

    Many times its the browser being used or how the browser is configured or a 3rd party program interfering with the live chat or an add-on or plug-in to the browser interfering.

    Our live chat work very well and when it does not its an issue with the browser or something on the PC that not allowing the Chat code to operate properly.

    Forum Moderator
    3.) Table of Contents to a User guide,

    Click on the HELP tab at the Upper right side of the ZA Monitor Display.

    sorry we are all users here,

    Tech Support Staff do not Monitor this user Forum,

    If you have a valid ZA license
    Please contact the Official ZA Support at the Support link in my Signature, then click on the "LIVE CHAT" link on the top right side of Support page and troubleshoot the issue with them.

    If you need Customer Support select the "Non-Tech" option of the Live Chat link..
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