Using ZoneAlarm Security Suite version, I just upgraded Thunderbird 5 to version 6 and immediately afterward wasn't able to connect to the internet at all. If I clicked on a link within an email message nothing would happen, and I'm not sure I was even able to download messages.

Since just yesterday I'd had a similar experience after upgrading Firefox from 5 to 6, I checked ZASS Application Control. In Application Control Settings > View Programs, I noticed that there WAS an entry for Thunderbird 6 (I guess ZASS inserted this row by itself when I upgraded?) but it had all X's on the row.

I wasn't sure exactly how an email client app should be set, so I compared it to another email app I use, and ended up setting it to these values:

Outbound Trusted: Allow
Outbound Internet: Allow
Inbound Trusted: Allow
Inbound Internet: Ask

Then everything was fine with Thunderbird.

Is that correct to leave Inbound Internet set to ASK?

This was actually an easier upgrade than for Firefox -- with Firefox ZASS didn't create a new row in this Application Control at all; I had to add it manually. With Thunderbird it at least created a new row but didn't set any of the trust level values.

My question: when you upgrade an application, how does ZoneAlarm Application Control create the trust settings for the new app? Does it usually automatically add a new row in View Programs and set the four values itself? How would it know what values to use? Does it have some internal database for what each of the four levels should be, does it copy them from the entry for the previous version, or is it left to the user? (Sorry--I know I'm asking too many questions!).