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    I have been using Zone Alarm free version firewall for many years updating to the newer versions as they came out. I have noticed however that I no longer get any alerts showing that an attempt has been made to access my computer and that zone alarm has blocked this. I used to get these alerts all the time but with the last two versions when i click firewall alerts there is nothing?? what is going on please? Thanks for your help

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    I think that Improvement in Security was added to ZA Free

    Here is a List of the Changes..

    ZoneAlarm version
    • Resolves a compatibility issue that some Windows XP users experienced between the ZoneAlarm Firewall (9.2 and 9.3, Free and Pro versions only) and AVG 2011.

    ZoneAlarm version
    Includes Microsoft patch for Windows 7 systems:
    • Resolves issues with running two security products at once
    • Resolves Internet connectivity and stability issues, especially with Windows 7 64-bit systems

    Other improvements:
    • Improves networking support, with automatic network detection for wired and wireless networks
    • Resolves issue where Internet Explorer 8 startup was delayed
    • Improves support for IPv6 (useful in some network configurations)
    ZoneAlarm version
    • Fixed toolbar upgrade issues
    ZoneAlarm version
    • NEW Quieter, smarter security - automatic security settings for millions of programs
    • NEW DefenseNet analyzes real-time threat data from millions of users to stop latest attacks
    • More features added to enhanced ZoneAlarm Security toolbar (for Internet Explorer and Firefox):
      • Free Identity Protection services
      • Online Backup services (2GB free)

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