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Thread: ZoneAlarm prevents printing

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    I have a printer set up as a LAN printer for my wireless laptop. The printer is wired to the router. When I print, the document is placed in the print que but will not print. When I restart the pc it takes some time for ZA to boot up and during that time the document prints. I have uninstalled ZA and printing now works fine. What in ZA Free could be keeping documents from getting to the printer and what setting change is needed to allow documents print?

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    Set your network/LAN as TRUSTED under the ZA firewall zones. This will ensure sharing of resources across the lan.

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    Placing entire LAN range of IPs in the trusted zone, as Fax said, should do the job. It should allow connections over ports which normally aren't in the F&P sharing category.
    One other thing might be to make sure that the spooling service (spoolsv.exe on XP systems) in the applications list is allowed trusted access.

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