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Thread: [Solved] New Netork Found > private IP address from Router

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    bu1 Guest

    Default [Solved] New Netork Found > private IP address from Router

    I have Zone Alarm Free on 3 computers without any problem. I did a clean reinstall of Windows XP on my laptop and reinstalled all the previous programs including Zone Alarm free. They are the exact same programs as on the remaining 2 computers on which Zone Alarm Free is working flawlessly.

    Since the clean reinstall on my laptop, every time I boot I get the message saying "New Network Found...........A New Private Wireless Network has been found........."

    I have added it to my zone as a trusted and let ZAF automatically configure it.

    I have tried all the solutions in previous threads regarding this problem including unistalling and reinstalling ZAF several times and right clicking and attempting to repair, all to no avail.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks !

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    PatriciaM Guest

    Angry Re: New Netork Found

    I wish I had a solution. I am adding to your question because I have an extremely similar problem.

    Since updating my ZAF on a WinXP computer, I can no longer automatically connect to my own network. (I never had this problem with the earlier version.) I do not leave my computer "always on" to the network. When I'm not using the Internet, I disable the network. (I figure the best security is being "off.") Every time I enable the network, I get the "new private network found" window. It's not a new network. I cannot get the firewall to remember the network. I also have been through uninstalling, reinstalling, automatically reconfiguring, manually (custom) configuring, "right click reset," ad infinitum, and nothing changes. I have checked the router to be certain that I am connecting/connected to my default (own home) network and not some unsecured dolt down the block. It's really annoying to go through this a couple of times a day, so I wish someone would have a solution. There are instructions for configuing the firewall for a network, but this option doesn't seem to be available in ZAF.

    Thank you.

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    doowopper Guest

    Default Re: New Network Found - I have the same problem

    I have the same problem in my Windows XP laptop - got a "New Network Found" message. From doing a Google search it seems like this is not an uncommon problem. My laptop is wirelessly connected to my home network which apparently is not the same network as what is referred to in the "New Network Found" message.

    Based on other threads concerning this problem, I did the following
    1) Installed the latest version of Zone Alarm Free. I went from version 9.2.105 to version 9.2.106.
    2) Booted into safe mode and then deleted two files in the C:\windows\internet log folder. Those files were backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb

    After doing these steps and rebooting, I still got the message again, "New Network Found." Since I don't know what this network is, I put it in the Internet Zone. Now I cannot print from my laptop using the printer which is wired to my main PC (my router is connected to this PC) even though the IP Address of the laptop is correctly entered in the Zone Alarm in my PC. I also could not print from my laptop when I put this New Network in the Trusted Zone (Instead of the Internet Zone) in Zone Alarm. The only way I was able to print from my laptop was to close Zone Alarm in my laptop.

    Is there anyone out there who knows how to remove this New Network now listed in Zone Alarm and how to prevent the "New Network Found" message from occurring again?

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    Smile Re: New Netork Found

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    doowopper Guest

    Default Re: New Network Found

    George V,
    Thanks for your post. I tried all of the solutions in the posts you referenced and in others. I still cannot remove the New Network listing from Zone Alarm. The New Network listing has a private address beginning with 192.169.0. which if I understand it correctly is a private IP address.

    Is there any danger in leaving this New Network listing in the Trusted Zone of Zone Alarm?
    Thanks again.

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