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Thread: Please explain the security (conduit) toolbar

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    Default Please explain the security (conduit) toolbar

    I have a couple questions based on Forum-Moderator's statements in the top sticky post, when he refers to the Security Toolbar as a "conduit" toolbar. When installing ZAES 10, it has a checkbox option to install the "Security Toolbar";. I assume this is what the moderator also calls the "conduit" toolbar. If one elects not to install that toolbar, what decrease in functionality (if any) is the result? I assume that Web Security (browser virtualization, anti-phishing, download protection) is still present; is that right? What is the main benefit of the optional "Security Toolbar", and is full safety present without it?

    Also, is the Web Security Toolbar (virtualization, etc.) working OK between ZAES version 10.250 and Firefox 5? I know the browser is compatible, but can ZAES, Firefox 5, and virtualization be used? (I had read posts that virtualization caused problems with Firefox 4 and frequently had to be turned off). I know compatibility with Firefox 6 and ZAES is not ready. Thanks for info.
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