Good Evening,

I have recently upgraded ZoneAlarm Pro from version 8 to version 9.3.037 in my XP Pro machine.
In Overview >> Main, every time I boot-up, the Anti-phishing function is coloured red.
When I click on the Fix It button, it turns green, thus becoming effective. It continues to operate until I reboot my PC and then I have to click on Fix It again.

I have checked through my settings on ZA, but cannot find one that will keep the Anti-phishing function operational after I switch off my PC and boot up.
My Browser Security is switched on, and in the General tab, Automatically check for ZoneAlarm Browser Security updates is ticked. Clicking the Check now button has no affect.
All the Advanced tab boxes are ticked by default.

Additionally, I have the latest version of Firefox 6.0.1. In the Add-ons Manager >> Extensions, FF informs me that ZoneAlarm Toolbar has been disabled because it is incompatible with Firefox.
Will this be rectified in due course ?

I would be grateful for your advice on these anomalies.

Also, am I correct in assuming that my version 9.3.037 is the final update for this version, now that version 10 is available ?


PS - Aah ..I have just noticed your sticky regarding compatibility with Firefox 6, and that this will be addressed in due course.