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Thread: Problem with request to update to 10.0.250

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    Default Problem with request to update to 10.0.250

    I recently received a popup with an offer to update my ZA to 10.0.250. When I did so, it told me to reboot the PC to activate the change. The PC went down and would not reboot. Now my PC will not boot from the C: drive at all, although it will boot my LINUX from the CD/DVD drive.
    Normally I run Win7 Pro on this computer.

    My question is: Is the popup a virus or a real ZA offer and what if anything can I do about getting the PC working again.

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    Default Re: Problem with request to update to 10.0.250

    You should be able to boot the PC in SAFE MODE. From there run the ZA removal tool:

    If you cannot boot in safe mode then for sure its not a ZA problem. You will need to reinstall your system.
    If you cannot re-install your system you may have some hardware problems.

    You could google for a forum that helps for system reinstall.

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