What happens when you UNCHECK the option to install ZA Toolbar during install of ZAES 10.0? (I was hoping to avoid all of the unwanted extra garbage that it said it would install!) Was this a mistake? If so, should I uninstall and re-install ZAES with the toolbar option checked?

I have XP SP3 and IE 8. In ZAES I turned 'Web Security' and 'Browser Virtualization' on after the install, but I don't have any 'halo' around my browser windows. Looking at IE 8 Tools/Toolbars, I see 'ZoneAlarm Security Engine' listed but unchecked. Attempting to check it produces a window offering to disable the add-on (which I decline) but does not produce a visible check in the toolbar list.

ZAES 'help' (there does not seem to be any PDF User Guide so far!) says, "You know that ZoneAlarm browser security is on you when you see the ZoneAlarm toolbar in your browser," but it does NOT say that these options are disabled without the toolbar visible.

I thought I understood version 9, but I'm totally confused by version 10 (as will be evident in other posts today). Thanks for any clarification.