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Thread: ZoneAlarm browser security toolbar?

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    jclarkw Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm browser security toolbar?

    What happens when you UNCHECK the option to install ZA Toolbar during install of ZAES 10.0? (I was hoping to avoid all of the unwanted extra garbage that it said it would install!) Was this a mistake? If so, should I uninstall and re-install ZAES with the toolbar option checked?

    I have XP SP3 and IE 8. In ZAES I turned 'Web Security' and 'Browser Virtualization' on after the install, but I don't have any 'halo' around my browser windows. Looking at IE 8 Tools/Toolbars, I see 'ZoneAlarm Security Engine' listed but unchecked. Attempting to check it produces a window offering to disable the add-on (which I decline) but does not produce a visible check in the toolbar list.

    ZAES 'help' (there does not seem to be any PDF User Guide so far!) says, "You know that ZoneAlarm browser security is on you when you see the ZoneAlarm toolbar in your browser," but it does NOT say that these options are disabled without the toolbar visible.

    I thought I understood version 9, but I'm totally confused by version 10 (as will be evident in other posts today). Thanks for any clarification.

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm browser security toolbar?

    Please click on the Support link in my Signature then click on the LIVE CHAT Link at the top Right side of the SUPPORT page and troubleshoot the issue with Technical Support.

    It is Free to ZA Users with a Valid License Key.
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    jclarkw Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm browser security toolbar?

    >>What happens when you UNCHECK the option to install ZA Toolbar during install of ZAES 10.0?<<

    More relevant information from live chat (and a follow-up question.below):

    14:02 jclarkw: So here's another related question: MUST I select to install the ZA Toolbar in order to get virtualization, Web protection, etc. I didn't want all the other 'junk' that seems to come with that toolbar. Any way to disable (preferably remove) the parts I don't want?
    14:02 Kelly U.: You don't have to install the toolbar to get the virtualization, those features are separate within ZoneAlarm itself, and would still protect you without installing the toolbar
    14:03 jclarkw: The 'help' in the program implies otherwise. Do I actually lose any important features if I do NOT install the toolbar?
    14:05 Kelly U.: You just wouldn't see the Site Status while you are browsing, but the virtualization is a separate setting within the ZA program itself, so it is not handled exclusively by the toolbar
    14:08 jclarkw: ...I suppose someday a User's Manual will be forthcoming... for version 10.0 that is.
    14:10 Kelly U.: I don't know that they will be issuing a user manual, but all information about this version should be contained in the Help files that are included in the program.
    14:11 jclarkw: There are no search results for "Site Status" in the 'help' files.
    14:12 Kelly U.: I can pass that along to development so they can add the information to the Help files
    14:14 jclarkw: OK, so I understand you to say that the ONLY important feature that I lose without the toolbar is 'Site Status,' whatever that is. Correct? Can you just outline what 'Site Status' means?
    14:16 Kelly U.: It would flag any suspicious site as such to ensure you don't download anything from it that may be harmful to your computer. It shows green for sites we know are trusted, orange for sites that could contain malicious information, and red for known malicious sites. If you have virtualization enabled, anything that is downloaded from such a site would be saved to the virtual directory, which can then be cleared within ZA so it doesn't affect your computer directly.

    Follow-up question:

    Having now uninstalled and re-installed ZAES 10.0.250 with the "install toolbar" box still UNCHECKED but with the Internet connected for the install (see discussion at, some things (like registration) seem to be working better.

    BUT I still see no fringe around a browser window with virtualization on (as used to appear in version 9 and in ForceField). There appears no longer to be a choice between protected and unprotected browsing. The latter used to be required, for example, to do a Windows Update, but that site seems to work fine now with virtualization (apparently) on.

    Can somebody with the ZA Toolbar installed on IE8 please tell me whether this protected/unprotected disctinction still exists (and the fringe still appears around protected browser windows)?

    If so, I guess I'll have to uninstall again and re-install with the toolbar...

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    jclarkw Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm browser security toolbar?

    >>BUT I still see no fringe around a browser window with virtualization on...<<

    Yet more from Tech Support:

    Your Question: No fringe around a browser window (as appeared in version 9 and ForceField) with virtualization on. Is there no longer a choice between protected and unprotected browsing? The latter used to be required, e.g., for Windows Update, but that site works fine.
    19:38 Andrew M.: This is actually a bug within the program.
    19:39 Andrew M.: We are aware of it, and will be pushing out an update with in the next couple of weeks.
    19:40 jclarkw: What does this mean? Is virtualization not actually working? Or is the fringe just not showing up? If the latter, then why does Windows Update work?
    19:40 Andrew M.: It is not working.
    19:40 Andrew M.: We are also having issues with the ZA Toolbar as well.
    19:41 jclarkw: Note that I installed ZAES 10.0.250 on my XP SP3 system and IE 8 with "install toolbar" UNCHECKED. I was told in a previous chat that virtualization would still work.
    19:43 Andrew M.: It has been hit an miss with customers. Mine does not work on my computer. But others have it working just fine.
    19:43 Andrew M.: And that is correct.
    19:43 Andrew M.: You do not need the Toolbar in order for Virtualization to work.
    19:43 Andrew M.: It is just a bug in the program that is affecting some customers.
    19:44 jclarkw: Thanks, Andrew. Anything else useful I can tell you about my system? Meanwhile I guess I should just go back to version 9...
    19:45 Andrew M.: No, this bug is affecting all OSs that have v250 installed.

    Maybe some of the above will help somebody somehow...

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