* Zone alarm starts a virus scan every single time I boot up my computer.
I've tried tweaking the scan schedules but that hasn't helped.

* Unable to disable virus scanning
I finally got so frustrated I decided to completely Disable the virus scanning schedules. But it won't let me disable them either. I set them to Disable and apply but they just reset themselves back to Enabled.

* Zone alarm toolbars do not display in IE and they won't check-mark in the IE View/Toolbars. The are Enabled in Add-ons.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Zonealarm v.
vsmon v.
Driver v.
Virus engine v.
DAT file v.1059468320
Browser security v.1.5.311.0
Spyware scanner v.1.5.311.0
Anti-phishing v.
Sites Database v.04.155
Windows 7 Pro
IE v.9.0.8112.16421
ALL hardware drivers are current.