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Thread: Zone alarm issues regarding serial key

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    Default Zone alarm issues regarding serial key

    I purchased a copy of zone alarm extreme security a month or so ago and when I installed the program, it didn't ask me for a serial key (I downloaded the 30-free trial copy from the main website). The program also did NOT pop up a box mentioning that I was on a 30-day free trial until a purchased serial key was needed. So I opened the main control center of ZA:ES and on the bottom it said my protection was valid for 986 days...... I couldn't understand why, I never entered a serial key. So I went to tools>enter license key and put in my purchased serial key. It said activation was successful... so I exited the program. Next day I opened the control center again and went to add a program to my firewall's managed program list, and I noticed on the bottom it said I had 985 days remaining for my serial key... So I was naturally confused when I only purchased a 1 year license... so I checked my serial key that was in the program again and it was some weird key that I didn't enter the day before, so I re-entered my purchased serial key and it said that it was successful and closed the box. It still said 985 days remaining on my serial key... so I checked the serial key again and it was still the really odd serial key that wasn't the one I purchased... So I just left it alone and went about my business... now today I loaded up the control center to check on what's up with it and it now says that I have 1302 days remaining on my current serial key, which is still that really messed up key...

    What is going on with my zone alarm? I've never had this issue with your products before...

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    never heard of this problem before. Since we are all users here we can't really address the problem. Please take contact with ZA customer support to check you key and probably with ZA tehcnical support to proceed to a full reinstall of ZA. Please note that version 10 of ZA is supported.

    The link to support is in my signature. Look for the live chat link (top right)

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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