ZoneAlarm Security Suite - version 10.0.250

I'm trying to get used to the new interface with version 10. It is more simple, but does not seem to be as flexible.

Since I have to run scans overnight, in the past I did the complete scan with the deep scan on a weekly basis. Now, a deep scan can be scheduled at at most every 6 months, which makes now sense to me. Why eliminate the ability to do the deep scan with my normal weekly scan??

The normal scan can now only be done every 2 weeks - very strange.

Anti-virus updates can occur at flexible frequencies, but unlike the scans, the time continues to not be able to be scheduled. Might add a note - schedule at time most inconvenient to user - seriously, why not let us update overnight or at a time convenient to us (this is not a change from old version).

- - -
There used to be all types of settings for the firewall - don't see where those are anymore - oh I see, click on computer image. I guess this is OK, beats me why not include it in the menu.